Biansi Imist 2 Complete Atomizer

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Biansi Imist 2 Complete Atomizer Summary

The long awaited Biansi Imist 2 is here! If you like the Imist your going to love this.
Please use the drop down menu above to build your atomizer.

The low resistance on the atomizer coil (2.0 Ohms) produces a warmer vapor and
great throat hit. The Imist 2 Atomizer improves Vaping with a unique design that 
makes sure you get great flavor and no leaking. The Imist 2 can be taken apart and
cleaned and the Wick can be replaced.

The Imist comes in 2 parts. The shell with the wick and the base with the coil. Both
can be cleaned.

Fits any standard eGo battery or use with a 510 to eGo adapter.You can use it as a
driping atomizer if you get a suitable Drip Tip.

How to clean the atomizer:

Open the two parts of the atomizer, place the bottom part into alcohol and leave
it for half hour, if needed, use a soft toothbrush to clean the heating wire.
Let dry for at least 2 hours.


How to change the glassfibre:

Using a tweezers, remove the original wick and replace with a new one.

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