Dovpo GX-200 Twin 18650

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Dovpo GX-200 Twin 18650 Summary

The all new Dovpo GX-200 Twin 18650 Mod.

The Dovopo GX-200 is a mechanical box mod made from aluminium and it uses two
18650 batteries for power. It offers a number of safety features including low voltage
protection, over current protection, short-circuit protection, and battery polarity
protection. The working voltage is 3.3 to 4.2 volts and it will fire atomizers
down to a 0.2ohm resistance level. The top of the GX-200 box mod has a
510 connection with adjustable positive contact screw, the firing switch
is on the top of the side and underneath it there is a 3 digit LCD
screen to display voltage. The base of the device has a micro
USB port for charging the battery and the back plate is held
on with four high-powered magnets.

Product Parameters:

1. Working voltage 3.2- 4.2V

2. Max output 20A

3. Output voltage is the same as battery voltage

4. Lowest resistance 0.2ohm

5. Low voltage protection < 3. 2V

6. Over current protection > 30A

7. Two 18650 batteries parallel connection, can be charged
    with micro USB cable or 18650 charger

8. Short -circuit and reverse connection of the battery power terminal , will be protected

9. The height of the connectors positive electrode can be adjusted by screwdriver

10. Charging voltage: Micro charger DC5V

11. Max charging current : 800mA

12. Automatic circuit -breaker triggered after 15 seconds



1. Please use all the accessories in right way to avoid any damage which may
    be caused by incorrect usage.

2. Please using the original charge cable or the 18650 battery charger when charging.

3. When not using your GX-200 for a long period of time, please remove the batteries,
    and store it in a dry place to avoid damage.

4. Please keep this product and accessories away from children.

5. DO NOT vape when charging the battery.

6. When batteries are inserted the device is always on until they are removed.
    There is no off/on function.

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