Easy-Fill 3ml Chrome DCT - Non EU only!

Product Code: DCT

9,99 €

Easy-Fill 3ml Chrome DCT - Non EU only! Summary

3ml Carto Tank with Fill Screw and Base Cartomizer Secure Screw

Very attractive 3ml carto tank, extremely well sealed.
You can disassemble the tank from this unit but it is so well sealed into the top and bottom
o-rings so you are instead provided a top knurled screw-in fill port through which you can
fill your tank without removal of your cart!

With a stainless tip and highly polished top and bottom caps this is great value.
  • We recommend using boge standard size 35mm high cartomizers found HERE .
  • We would suggest keeping the fill screw in the fill port to provide a proper vacuum                            pull and also to avoid misplacement.
  • Dimensions: 35mm or 1.7 inches high (without drip tip); 21mm or .8 inches wide. 

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