Efest IMR 18650 3100mah Flat Top

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Efest IMR 18650 3100mah Flat Top Summary

Brand New!!! Efest IMR 18650 LiMn 3100mah Battery Flat Top. 

These batteries have a lower internal resistance and therefore will deliver more
current under a heavy load than most lithium 18650s when used in a high-drain
e-cig, or vaporizer. Efest was able to dial these huge batteries to 20A continuous
maximum discharge making them fantastic for unregulated / mechanical mods,
however they will work just as well in a VV/VW regulated mod as well.


  • Capacity: 3100 mAh
  • Material: Li-Mn
  • Voltage: 3.7v
  • Continuous Maximum Discharge Current: 20 amps
  • Positive Pole: Flat top
  • Made in Japan and Assembled in China

Safe chemistry LiMN means reduced risk of venting with flame or explosion. Due to the
safety inherent in IMR safe chemistry batteries there is no protection circuitry added
or built in. This provides a slightly shorter battery length to enable a good fit in most

To ensure longevity, it is not recommended to allow the battery to discharge below 2.5V.

Efest IMR 18650 20A purple 3100mah 3.7V rechargeable battery

Size weight: 50g Length: 65 mm Diamter: 18mm
Info top: flat top Bottom: non-protected    
Capacity Typical Capacity: 3100mAh Min capacity: 3100mAh
Max discharge current 20A quick charge current 3000mA (1C)

Quick discharge current

2000mA cycle life: 300 times
Charge cut-off voltage 4.2V ± 0.5V Charge cut-off current 5A
Initial Impedance Max: 15mΩ discharge cut-off voltage 3.0V
Temperature: discharge temperature range:-10°C—60°C
discharge temperature range: 0°C—40°C
storage: 1 year:-20°C—25°C
       3 months:-20°C—45°C
         1 month:-20°C—60°C

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