Eleaf GS 16 AIR - I-stick Atomizer

Product Code: Eleaf-GS-16-Plus

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Eleaf GS 16 AIR - I-stick Atomizer Summary

Delicate heat-resistant metal styling and the 20W Dual Atomizer head, achieves a large 
amount of vapor under low voltage, no burning taste under high voltage, and no leakage.

The GS 16 Plus will bring you a strong vaping experience with high safety and stability.

Standard configuration:

1*GS 16 Plus Metal Mouthpiece

1* GS 16 Plus Atomizer Tube

1* GS 16 Plus Dual atomizer head (1.5ohm)

1* GS 16 Plus Metal Base










20W Dual atomizer head with two heating wires which
can adapt to all kinds of high wattage batteries. 


Thread adjustable air inflow: change the air
flow by adjusting the tightness of the screw.

Transparent e-juice window:you can check the level of e-liquid clearly at any time

Changeable Mouthpiece: changeable with ergonomic design. 

Unique Base: The surface treatment technology is straight grain knurling,
                     easier to replace the atomizer head.


How to fill:

1. Screw the base off GS 16 Plus atomizer firstly

2. put atomizer upside down

3. Slowly refill the liquid into the two small holes along the tube. Pay attention dont add liquid         into the air pipe and do not overfill, leave a small air pocket in order to avoid leakage.


How to replace DS 16 Plus Dual atomizer head:

1. Screw the base off GS 16 Plus atomizer first

2. Pull out the atomizer head from the base and replace a new one.


Recommended power source: Istick

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