Innokin U-Can V2

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Innokin U-Can V2 Summary

The Innokin U-Can is a stylish and robust way to store your favourite Liquid.
The unit is made of stainless steel, and has a needle and a large pump action
dispenser for accurate dripping.

The U-Can holds up to 10ml of eLiquid.

The U-Can will fit into most pockets and comes with a hole on the screw cap to
add it to a key ring, the screw cap once closed also prevents any liquid being
unnecessary dispensed.


New innovative design
Full 304 grade stainless steel body
Capacity: 10ml
Pump action dispenser (for single drop or continuous dispensing)
Blunt needle tip
Stainless steel screw cap with hole for keying attachment

1 Innokin U-Can V2 with instructions

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