Panasonic 18500 2000mah

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Panasonic 18500 2000mah Summary

These 18500 batteries are the best 18500 you can get from a capacity point of view.
They are made by Panasonic and they are rated at 2C (capacity x 2) so the absolute
minimum - max discharge is 3.8 Amperes as the lowest possible capacity is 1900mah
while the nominal is 2000mah.

You can find the discharge charts HERE with a comparison of the known 18500 batteries
like the AW IMR 18490, the AW P18500 and the various E-Fest 18500 batteries. As you
can see these cells can't be matched neither at 3 Amps nor at 5 Amps. And also they
hold their voltage under charge.

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