Supreme Ego 4500mah Variable Voltage Battery

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Supreme Ego 4500mah Variable Voltage Battery Summary

Looking for a new variable voltage battery with outstanding battery life...

The Supreme Ego 4500mah ticks all the boxes!

Quality cell and design, this fits perfectly in the hand and looks great.
Packing a massive 4500mah the battery life is outstanding!
Variable voltage enhances this even further with 3.2v / 3.7v / 4.2v settings.

User Guide:

Click the button 5 times to switch it on
Then 5 times to select between the voltage settings
Red - 3.2v / Purple - 3.7v / Blue - 4.2v
Click the button 5 time to switch off


1 x Supreme Ego VV battery
1 x Advanced Ego fast charger USB cable

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