Tankometer Voltage Indicator with bulk discount

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Tankometer Voltage Indicator with bulk discount Summary

The Tankometer Voltage Tester is a cracking little device that is able to test the battery and the output voltage of your electronic cigarette or mod. The Tankometer has 510 connections at both ends and is simply screwed onto the device, when the activation button is pressed, it will display the voltage of the battery. Also, if you attach it to a variable voltage device, it will show the exact output voltage. You can also test the voltage whilst it is under load by screwing an atomizer on top of the Tankometer. The Tankometer is also a great safety aid, by checking the voltage output, you can ensure that there is no abnormality with the batteries. Please note these do not work with PWM [pulse wave modulation] devices, like the Gripper VV etc.

This is a great tool for those using the Kick by Evolv. Please remember you will need to have an atomiser connected to the Tankometer for it to display the voltage while using the Kick,as it needs to know the resistance of your atomizer to calculate the voltage it will output before it will work.

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