DKS e-liquid


We are very pleased to announce our partnership with DKS liquid
from Italy.
B.V are now supplying their 100% natural patented
0% nicotine, 200% flavour, 100% natural. The 200%
flavour means that it can be cut with their flavourless base (zero) 
with a nicotine base like the one that we already sell.

Italian company DKS are leading the way with the first 100% natural e-liquid.
They have developed a patented process for creating propylene glycol, a
common ingredient in e-liquid, from non-genetically modified corn.

"In a world where we often imagine everything we consume as the end result of
some type of chemical manufacturing, its nice to have a little relief in the
knowledge that what we’re inhaling isn’t"

The company has a perfect foundation already, due to its association with well
established flavor producer, DKS Aromatic, this means that they’ve arrived on
scene with tools that few in the e-liquid industry have: a state-of-the-art lab
with technology like gas-chromatography and mass-spectrometry.

Only natural flavours, Propylene glycol from non genetically modified corn,
vegetable glycerin and distilled water; this is the tried, tested and patented
formula; first class materials with no chemical agents.

The Future of vaping -

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