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Evolv Kick 2 in stock with new bulk discount! Summary

We recommend UPS courier at the checkout for all international 
orders, and Fastway courier for all orders within Ireland.

The Kick 2 is designed for metal tube 18650,18490,18350 and similar mods,
the Evolv Kick 2 reads the resistance of whatever atomizer or cartomizer you are
using, and automatically adjusts the output according to your wattage setting.

This is a top quality regulated device that provides the same hit throughout the
life of the battery, and also serves as a safety protection circuit, cutting out
when your battery is too low for safe operation.

It features controlled power from 5 to 15 watts and runs from a single lithium battery.
It works in exactly the same way as the original Kick but boasts a higher maximum
power and employs synchronous rectification for superior efficiency. The Kick2
also boasts mod resistance compensation to ensure a more accurate power delivery.


Output Power:

5 Watts to 15 Watts

Output Voltage:

2 Volts to 6.3 Volts

Output Current:

6 Amps

atomizer resistances:

0.5 Ohms to 3.3 Ohms

low battery cutoff:

2.7 Volts loaded

Order yours today and you too can soon regulate your watts, not your voltage,
for a more consistent vape, each and every time you use the Kick 2.
90 day warranty is included.

We insist that you read the Evolv user guide before use -

Click here

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Customer Reviews

18 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
Amazing - Aron Gatt - 30/09/2013
Never did get to try the kick before cos 10watts was a bit low for me and when the kick2 came out and was 15watts I said il give it a shot .... Bargian vapours has a fantastic price on it also , so I got one ....wow Yes it's power is where I like mostly to vape 12w to 17w so the kick was a very good option to upgrade slowly most all my mods with the kick2. Fast shipping also is a plus .... Got my second one today planing to get 4 in total. Thanks

5 product stars
The Kick2 and your store :) - Sami - 10/04/2014
I ordered last tuesday(morning) this and some liquids, and received today(thursday) at 16:00!!! WAWAAA!!! This was quick as speedy gonzalez. Thanks from Finland!

5 product stars
KICK 2 - Ibrahim Canpolat - 09/11/2013
kick 2 :blitzversand und günstigster shop.hier kaufe ich oft und gerne. Ich bin so sehr begeister das ich nach Kick1,Kick2 noch den DNA20 haben will. Natürlich habe ich den auch bestellt. Wo ? Natürlich bei euch,wo sonst?

5 product stars
Ottimo prodotto e ottimo shop - Silvio - 14/03/2014
Che dire, molto soddisfatto sia del prodotto che dello shop. Straconsigliato!

5 product stars
Nemesis is kicked - Paul - 13/05/2014
Just got my Kick2 and stuck it in my Nemesis & Kayfun Lite+ V2 sitting at 11 watts. Kicks like a mule and the same every time love it. Speedy delivery as always BV. Thanks!!

5 product stars
Ottimo prodotto - Danilo - 06/02/2014
Mantiene appieno le promesse. Provato con Nemesis clone e ncr18650b panasonic. Ho tolto la batteria ai primi cenni di calo ed era a 3.3V. Con UPS l'ho ricevuto in 3 giorni.

5 product stars
WOW ! It kicks ! Forget about it ! - Paddy - 28/08/2013
Just received mine today, sent on 22th, received on 28th, fast delivery to France with tracking and signature. Good packaging, and it works like a charm in my EA + Trident. A monster in 18650 configuration... Also tried it with an N-Zonic V3 and Ithaka, and it's great too. Easy to set, easy to drop into the devices. 15 watts, 2.7V loaded cutoff... What else ?

5 product stars
New Order - Detlef - 23/12/2013
Time again to order with you. Up to now always excellent service and support and fast delivery. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

5 product stars
Evolv Kick - Dieter - 14/12/2013
What a fantastic product for all experienced vapors ! It can only get better with the version2 and 15 Watts ! Best regards, Dieter

5 product stars
Evolv Kick 2 and after-sales service - Roberto Chiurato - 28/11/2013
Received and tried today: great circuit that is able to supply its 15 watts without any problems, even on 05ohm resistor is able to supply about 20watt ... it's amazing! Not heat at all unlike other production kick. We recommend the purchase. PS: I must also compliment with the after sales service of bargain vapor that has remedied in a very fast and honest to a fault of sending goods that it was still beneficial to me, sent me a 20D instead of a DNA Kick 2, the day after I had the kick home from Ireland to Italy ... thanks Paull.

5 product stars
Great product, Great service - Ray Walsh - 23/10/2014
This is a fantastic device turns my gp paps 2.5 into a variable wattage mod with some great safety features. Service from BargainVapour was exceptional they responded to all my email queries within thirty minutes of me sending them. There delivery speed is fantastic ordered on Monday at 2pm and received it on Wednesday at 9am. I will definitely be using them for my future vaping needs.

5 product stars
The name says what it does...this time for real. - Stefano - 07/09/2013
Ok, it's difficult to say something that hasn't been said 'cause me too, I use it with an EA Mod. Fits perfectly, works wonders! The Kick as it should have been, exactly what I wanted. Battery lasts more, more powerfull than the previous Kick and with less ohms limitations. Arrived from Ireland to Italy in the expevcted 5 working days. Great Bargain Vapours, you have a new customer. 5 stars for you!

5 product stars
Ottimo - Stefano M. - 07/03/2014
Ottimo prodotto, funziona veramente bene, acquistato Martedì 4 Marzo arrivato Giovedì 6 alle 12:00!!! Questo shop é incredibile nella velocità e nella professionalità .....BRAVI

5 product stars
So nice - Loic B - 08/01/2014
Very good kick in the reaper mod. Nice smoke and flavour, like de Mini provari. As always, fast shipping ! Regards.

5 product stars
acquisto di dicembre - alessandrocgn - 01/02/2014
Ottimo Ottimo Ottimo sono al mio ennesimo acquisto e faccio come al solito i miei complimenti!!!!!

5 product stars
Génial !!!! - Kreakx - 22/03/2014
Je me suis offert ce kick car je passe sur mode "méca", et j'ai choisis Bargainvapour.com pour leur tarif imbattable, et je ne suis pas déçu, non seulement du service de Bargain Vapour, car ils m'ont livré très vite, l'emballage était parfait, et protégé. Le Kick en lui même joue parfaitement son rôle, la densité de vapeur est fantastique, la vape est lisse, comme un Provari, pour ce prix, autant ne pas s'en priver. Bref, Foncez ;)

5 product stars
il mio terzo acquisto!! - alessandrocgn - 27/11/2013
Sono al mio terzo acquisto da loro e rinnovo ancora la precisione e in fantastici prezzi!!!

5 product stars
Ottimo - Kanarus - 13/11/2013
Ottimo kick ah un prezzo unico

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