6th Street Tobacco USA 10ml

Product Code: TS

3,25 €
Nictoine Strength*

6th Street Tobacco USA 10ml Summary

"In the constant effort to provide the juice junkies with new flavors and stuff to try, we have come up with a flavor that we really feel will appeal to everyone. We call it 6th Street Tobacco and it's definitely unique. Upon first opening the bottle, you can smell a really pleasant aroma of an almost cognac soaked tobacco leaf embodied with hints of sweet and smokey goodness. When you begin to vape this flavor, you will notice something more distinct, a delicate blend of liquor and tobacco that really sweeps you off your feet. The reason we call this 6th Street Tobacco is after the music capital of Texas, Austin. In Austin, TX there is a very well known street that many performers have played on called, well, 6th Street. This juice was named in the honor of 6th Street to represent the diversity of this flavor and the unique character that it has. We really hope that everyone enjoys it and can appreciate the juice as much as we do"

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