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Add cooling power with our newest cooling agent formulated to give you extreme
cooling sensation. Cooler than menthol even without menthol! This agent is white
crystalline liquid in appearance and almost odorless and is characterized by a high
cooling activity.

This concentrate is used as a coolant in medicinal preparations, oral care and
confectionery products. It is also combined with mint oils as it helps give more
impact, freshness and long-lasting flavors. This agent can be mixed with any
DIY ingredients without a chemical taste and is perfect for E-liquids.

Its time to step up your vaping game!
This cooling agent can also be used as a substitute for Nicotine. 

How to use:

Dilute at least 2-6% depending on personal preference this concentrate together
with any of your DIY solutions. While it is safe, we still advise using laboratory
equipment when handling our cooling agent.

This product lasts for up to one year when stored properly.


1. Store at normal room temperature and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

2. Not ready for direct use.
    It is a concentrated solution thus must be diluted properly first before use.

3. Avoid contact with eyes and keep away from children.

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Agent Cool
6,99 €
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