Biansi 510 Tank atomizer Stainless Steel

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Biansi 510 Tank atomizer Stainless Steel Summary

1 x Biansi 920 Tank atomizer (2.0ohm) including tank.

This is a genuine biansi 920 Tank atomizer specially designed to outlast and outperform
the competition. If you want to try one out, the threading will fit on your existing 510/eGo batteries.

This tank system produces an unbelievable amount of vapour and doesn't fade on the throat hit.
With the specially designed "clover leaf" tank stem system, this device effectively
gains a better wicking mechanism and longer life atomizer.

Features -  

The newly designed wicking mechanism ensures that the atomizer gets liquid as long as there is liquid in the tank, thus ensuring a longer life for the atomizer.

  1. The quality of the biansi 910 machining is amazing. The inside of the atomizer is polished stainless steel, which produces a cleaner and better tasting vape.
  2. The base of the atomizer has 4 holes (where other atomizers only have 2) which provide a smoother vape and allows more even airflow.
  3. Redesigned to ensures that the wick will stay in place without slipping like other products in this class.
  4. Longer lasting which reduces the overall cost of vaping with this device.


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