Biansi Imist / Ego 1100mah battery

Product Code: Imist1100mah

14,49 €

Biansi Imist / Ego 1100mah battery Summary

Genuine Biansi Imist Batteries - There are seven Colours
to choose from. All Biansi Imist batteries have an improved
low profile, 5-click on/off switch that is ahead of the competition.
The low profile switch helps to prevent accidental activation of
your battery.

All Biansi batteries come with the 5 click on/off feature. If you need
to shut off the battery, simply press the switch 5 times within two seconds.
The battery button will flash indicating that it has been turned off.

To turn it back on, press the button 5 times again within two seconds and
it will flash again, indicating that it has turned back on. Vape in style
with the of the colors we offer.


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