Biansi LR eGo-T Atomizer

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Biansi LR eGo-T Atomizer Summary

1 x LR ego-T atomizer

1 x Tank cartridge

(Also works with Imist Battery)

eGo-T atomizer diameter: 9.2mm;

eGo-T atomizer length: 28.1mm;

eGo-T atomizer weight: 4.9g;

Tread for eGo-T Atomizer: M7;

Resistance: 2.2ohms, working voltage: 3.8-4.5V

Biansi eGo-t atomizer compatibility: eGo and 510 kits.

***Adopts special technology to fix the glass fibre in the nozzel,
      then it is more stable, will not fall out when pull the cartridge out .

***The inner wall of the atomizer is made of polished stainless steel,  
       it is more clean, and the taste is better;

***We enlarge the diameter of the nozzel from 3mm to 3.5mm, making  
      the vapor larger, and the liquid can flow into the atomizer smoothly,
      so will not have burnt taste, also avoids leaking.

***Adopts sealing technology for the bottom of the atomizer to avoid 

***The connector of our battery are deeper than the market battery, 
      then the smoke is smoother and not suffocated.


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