Efest™ LiPo Safety Charging Bag - Large

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Efest™ LiPo Safety Charging Bag - Large Summary

The Lipo-Guard is an 11 x 9 inch flame retardant bag, designed to contain a potential fire
caused by incorrectly or poorly functioning lithium batteries, especially during charging.
It is made from a fiberglass woven fabric, similar to suits worn by fire fighters.

Enclose the batteries in the bag, route your charge wires through the vents at either
side of the top flap, and fold the flap closed, sealing with the industrial grade fastener.

Using the Efest Lipo Safety Charging Bag while charging your Lithium-Ion battery helps
protect against fire, in the event of battery combustion while charging. Bargain Vapour 
highly recommends using this charging bag anytime you are charging any lithium-ion battery.


-Insert the batteries in charger and ensure that the charger rate and polarity are correct.

-Place charger towards the bottom of the Safe Charging Bag.

-Place the bag on a non-flammable surface.

-Run charger leads through the vent at the top seam of the bag.

-Close the top flap and press the velcro down evenly until fully closed.

-Charge battery using proper charging practices.

-Always practice extreme caution when charging and never leave a charging battery unattended.

-Do not leave batteries charging overnight.

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