Flavour Flush 10ml

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Flavour Flush 10ml Summary

"This is our take on a cleanser that you can use to help clear previous flavors from your atomizer. The contents of this product are all those of which are safe for vaping, not necessarily recommended (Ethyl Alcohol, PGA, or Everclear), but will not cause harm or contamination to your atomizer. This product has produced great results when used to clear previous flavors and help maintain your atomizers"

You can use this product as often as you choose, but we recommend using this product in your atomizers once a week or so for maintaining them and performing a "Flavor Flush".

This product works very well on most applications, however, this is not miracle juice. Some very strong flavors like coffee and strong cinnamons may be more difficult to remove from atomizer and may not work as well with this product.

Instructions -

To use this product on regular atomizers, simply do the following:


We recommend wearing gloves throughout this procedure to prevent the e-liquid containing nicotine from getting on your hands or body. The gloves should be the proper material for handling chemicals/liquids so that the liquid doesn't absorb into the gloves and create an even worse situation. You should also have paper towels handy as well because these will assist in the cleaning procedure.

1. Remove your atomizer from your battery on your device.

2. With your paper towel or likewise, wipe all residue from the outside of your atomizer and remove the cartridge.

3. Do this step over a sink or into a garbage can that is out of reach of children and animals. Using your mouth, blow your atomizer out so that all of the liquid in your atomizer is completely expelled or until you see no more juice coming out.

4. Lay down your paper towel flat in an area that is unlikely to be damaged by liquids. Stand your atomizer up, battery connection side down on top of the paper towel so that any excess liquid that is inside of your atomizer can run onto the towel.

5. Drop 10-15 drops of the Flavor Flush into your atomizer directly onto the center of the bridge. If you are using a bridgeless atomizer, just apply 10-15 drops directly onto the center of your coil. Allow the atomizer to sit for about 10-15 minutes to allow the Flavor Flush to soak completely into the wick of your atomizer.

6. After soaking, you may notice some residual liquid forming around the base of your atomizer on the paper towel, this is normal and should be expected. Like you did before, you are now going to blow your atomizer out again completely until no further liquid comes from it.

7. Repeat Steps 4-6 twice more and proceed to step 8.

8. Now you need to prepare for your next liquid by priming your atomizer with the new juice flavor that you want to use. To do this, you are going to drip 2-5 drops of e-liquid directly onto the atomizer in the same fashion as you did in step5 but using far less drops to prevent flooding.

9. You are ready to vape, enjoy! If you feel that the flavor is not cleared out completely from before, repeat the process over again or with some juices, you may need to allow for a longer soak time to effectively break down the juice that was in your atomizer previously. If the above method has not effectively worked for you, replace step 5 by emerging your atomizer in the Flavor Flush Atomizer Cleanser overnight. To do this, use the small baggie that your Flavor Flush came in and place your atomizer horizontally in the bottom and fill with Flavor Flush until it just covers the body of the atomizer. After soaking overnight, you can proceed onto step 6, skip step 7, and now you should allow it to sit 2-4 hours before priming to allow the wick to dry a bit.

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