Joyetech CL-Ni Nickel Atomizer Heads

Product Code: Joye-Ni

3,49 €

Joyetech CL-Ni Nickel Atomizer Heads Summary

Joyetech CL-Ni Nickel Atomizer Heads 

The CL-Ni atomizer head is designed for use in the Joyetech eVic-VT e-cigarette mod. 
The coil can also be used with many mechanical mods, fixed voltage and Variable Voltage
devices if they are capable of working with coils down to 0.2Ω atomizer resistance. This
atomizer head has an improved resistance/ohm accuracy of 0.2Ω+-0.01Ω through use
of a gold plated connector. Our CL Nickel Coil is built using 100% natural cotton for
the ultimate vapour production.

Note: Due to the change in coil resistance with temperature, the power produced by
the atomizer head will reduce as the coil temperature increases. This means that while
the CL-Ni atomizer head will work successfully with many Variable Wattage devices,
the power displayed on the device will not generally reflect the actual power delivered
to the atomizer.

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