Joyetech eGo One CLR Atomizer Head

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Joyetech eGo One CLR Atomizer Head Summary

Joyetech eGo One CLR Atomizer Head is the specially designed atomizer head for Joyetech eGo One.
With CLR head, youre able to rebuild it without performance diminishing.

Height: 18mm
Diameter: 10mm
Pre-made coil resistance: 1.0ohm, 0.5ohm
Pre-made coil diameter: 0.4mm
Suggested coil resistance: more than 0.3ohm

5pcs Joyetech eGo One CLR Atomizer Head

High quality

5pcs Joyetech eGo One CLR Atomizer Head

Operation Steps
1.Prepare the heating wire. Standard heating wire for example. Take a piece of heating wire of around 60millimeters long and roll the heating wire; Reserve around 8.5mm on one side, and then rotate 5 - 6 circles reserving around 7mm on the other side. Bend a little at bot ends.

2.Install the regulating ring to the atomizer tube and screw it tightly. This ring could adjust the amount of liquid entering.

3.Put the heating wire into the tube, and keep it in the center position.

4.Put the long end into notch, pass the short end through the insulating ring.

5.Install the insulating ring and connection base to the tube.

6.Adjust the position of the heating wire and make the cotton cross the heating coil, cut off the redundant cotton to    keep flush with liquid entering notches.

7.Screw on the top cap tightly.

Remark: please drip a few drops of e-juice on the cotton and make sure it is moist before the first use, or it will burn.

  • Its only suitable for Joyetech eGo One.

5pcs Joyetech eGo One CLR Atomizer Head

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