Joyetech eVic Easy Head

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Add Joyetech Micro Usb Charger Cable*

Joyetech eVic Easy Head Summary

The latest Joyetech eVic control head allows you to vape in unregulated and regulated mode.
Regulated mode is the 3.3v constant voltage whilst unregulated is whatever is available from
the battery (fully charged 18650 may be at 4.2v and it works down until the battery is depleted).

The Easy Head is completely cylindrical with air channels at the top. It provides a wide and ample
eGo well that can receive most eGo threaded clearos or cartos including the Kanger ProTank etc.
The Easy Head can be used with the new eVic ECA Changeable Atomizer tanks for a
completely streamlined look.

The Easy Head has a side micro USB port for charging. You can use the eVic charging cable or
any micro to regular USB cable to charge your Easy Head on your computer port with the battery
installed. You can also use your Easy Head while the unit is charging as a pass through. There is a
small circular led below the charging port that lights red while charging and green when fully charged.

The Easy Head is not compatible with the MVR software and does not have variable options, just the
two modes - regulated and unregulated mode. The eVic Easy Head is compatible with any eVic
battery tube.

Please note: the warranty is for 90 days as per our suppliers instructions.

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