Storm Mod

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Add the Evolv Kick*

Storm Mod Summary

Another quality Mod at a great price! This Mod works great with 18350,
18500 and 18650 batteries and is Kick compatible.

The mechanical fire button is located at the base of the unit and it can be
adjusted. You can also screw all the way up to lock it in place so the unit
does not automatically fire.
To use an 18350 battery you need to remove the outer tube . Then thread
your mod head on to the proper side of the inner tube. You then drop your
battery into the unit and screw in the bottom part of the inner tube until secure.
The threading is specific on either end on where it screws into. If this is not
threading smooth do NOT force it or you will cross thread and ruin this part
of the mod.


Fully vented on the top of the eGo well and on the lower section, it will accommodate 
most Ego/CE4 style connections that do not require outside threading to connect.

Can be fully disassembled from top to bottom for cleaning. Lightweight so that it
is very practical and comfortable in everyday use.  

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Storm Mod
24,99 €
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