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Vamo V5 style Summary

The new Vamo V5 utilizes the popular V2 body style with an upgraded V3 PCB
and OLED screen and the ability for the top cap to unscrew.
It can work with 1 x 18350 or 1x18650 battery.

This device is a variable voltage and variable wattage device.

1 x Vamo V5 Style: body only 

VV Mode : constant voltage - adjusts from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts in 0.1 volt increments.
VW Mode : constant power- adjusts from 3.0 to 15 Watts in 0.5 Watt increments.
Generally speaking increasing the wattage instead of the voltage allows this unit to adjust to
the resistance setting of your atomizer. This can result in better use in lower ohm resistance
atomizers and help reduce the any burning of e-liquid whilst maintaining an extra boost of
vapor production.
Vamo V5 Safety Features
  • When you press the button 10 seconds or more, it will turn off automatically.
  • When a single batteries voltage is less than 3.3v or dual 18350 batteries voltage is less than 6.4v,
  • the screen will display "Low V", which indicates that the batteries need to be recharged.
  • Atomizers at 1.2ohm or less, the screen will display "Low resistance", which indicates that you
  • need to use a new atomizer at higher resistance.
  • Atomizer short circuit,the screen will display "SHORT".
  • Incorrect battery installation protection.


Vamo V5 Menu System

Pressing (+) button for more than 3 seconds, the OLED screen will display the present working
resistance of your tank coils.

Pressing (-) button for more than 3 seconds, the OLED screen will display the present remaining
battery volts.


To get into the menu, you simply press the (+) and (–) buttons for a few seconds. The (+) button
cycles through the main menu options. The (–) button cycles through sub-menu items.

There are 3 main options:

1. Power / Voltage Output - lets you choose what type of output you want.

2. LCD Display - lets you choose what you want to display on the LCD screen while
the fire button is pressed. You can choose from Resistance, Battery, and Power

3. LCD On/Off - simply turns the LCD Screen On or Off.


Dont be alarmed if you hear a “pulsing” or rattlesnake sound, noise coming from your tank coils
on the Vamo V5. It is normal, it is called Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Vamo feature.


Specification of Vamo Mod:
Outer Diameter: 22mm
Inner diameter:18.5mm
Two 18350 batteries length: 140mm
One 18350 batteries length: 109mm
Battery: 18350 / 18650
Voltage: 3V-6V
Wattage: 3W-15W

What's the difference between the Vamo V2, V3, V4 and Vamo V5?

The Vamo V2 has a smooth Body with LED Screen.
The Vamo V3 has grooves in the body, an OLED screen and a new PCB
The Vamo V4 has the smooth body of the V2 but the OLED screen and PCB of the V3
The Vamo V5 has the smooth Body of the V2 and V4, but the OLED screen, PCB and top of the Vamo V3, Meaning it has a wider Drip well of which the top can be unscrewed, to enable an even wider range of atomiser devices to fit on this mod, in addition that it is easier to clean.

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Vamo V5 style
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