Luminous Ego Battery

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Luminous Ego Battery Summary

New Ego Luminous Battery

Step out in style, just let the Luminous Ego soak up plenty of light,
to get the full effect when in a dark place..

1. Model: Luminous battery

2. Button: diamond & Flat

3. Capacity: 900mAh & 1100mAh 

4. Diameter:14mm

5. working voltage:3.2-4.2V

6. Charger:  Ego

7. Charger time:2 - 5 hours

8. Single weight: 35g

9. 5 click on / off

Other info:

 1. Pressing the button 5 times continuously within 2 seconds to turn on or off the unit,
     indicator light will flash.

2. When used for longer than 7.5 seconds, the light flashes 5 times and the
    unit stops working. Release the button then press again to continue vaping.

3. Low voltage protection: battery stops working when voltage is below 3.3v,
    indicator light flashes 15 times after button pressed.

4. Charging: LED indicator light flashes 3 times when the unit is
    connected to power, indicator light keeps on during charging.
    When charging finishes, indicator light flashes 6 times.

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